Use Of Handheld Vacuum Cleaner In Hotel Housekeeping

If you are the owner of a hotel, or your authorize you to maintain the cleanliness of the hotel, then this piece of information will be very useful for you.

Housekeeping in hotel industry is a very vast department. You need to clean rooms after every check out and prepare the room in a very short span of time before every check in.

No housekeeping is complete without vacuum cleaning and so vacuum cleaning becomes a very important and essential part of the hotel industry housekeeping.

Where can handheld vacuum cleaner help?

There are numerous areas and all of them different form each other in the hotel interior, where a handheld vacuum cleaner can help.

  • The staircase carpets: A hotel always uses big and beautiful carpets to adorn the interiors. This is so because they add to the aesthetic beauty of the hotel. The stair cases are generally covered with the heavy carpets. And if by chance you happen to use a light colored carpet, the vacuum cleaning becomes all the more important. Moreover the staircases are the most used area in the common area of the hotel. The footfall is vast and every visitor leaves his share of shoe dust on the carpet. This is where the handheld vacuum cleaner comes to the quick service. The handheld vacuum cleaner does not create a barrier on the stair case and therefore there is minimal disturbance to the visitors even when the cleaning is going on.
  • The lobby carpets/common area carpets: The carpets on the welcome area need to be very fresh all the time. So they need to be vacuum cleaner very frequently so as to make sure none of your visitors finds a housekeeping fault in your hotel. The handheld vacuum cleaners are best equipment for this because of the benefits of their light weight and small size features.
  • The room floor mats and carpets: Every visitor leaves a lot of mess in the room at the time of the check out. And when you have an immediate check in after a check out, you cannot think about dragging a big vacuum cleaner in the hotel room. So handheld vacuum cleaner becomes very handy at such moments. The next visitor will love the very fresh and clean carpets and mats of the room.
  • The couch: The dirtiest part of a room in the hotel is the couch area. You cannot wash it or replace its cover after every check out. There are remaining parts of eatables, the hair or messed up tissues left on the couch. This can be cleaned in few minutes if you make use of handheld vacuum cleaner for this purpose.
  • The wet spills: Any kind of wet spill on the floor can be easily cleared with the help of a handheld vacuum cleaner. The handheld vacuum cleaner is much more handy and quicker than the mop and broom system.

How to make best use of handheld vacuum cleaner?

The vacuum cleaner is the best used if you teach the users about its features and user manual of the equipment. The vacuum cleaner must be cleaned after every usage. The waste bag must be cleaned immediately after the use because otherwise the equipment may start to stink. The big sized obstacles should not be vacuumed by the handheld vacuum cleaner because this may destruct the working of the vacuum cleaner. Use of liquid cleaner must be used to get away with the hard and tough stains of food sauces lipsticks or anything else on the couch, carpet or the floor.

To conclude, we can say that vacuum cleaner is very necessary equipment for the hotel industry (Not only in a hotel but in your house, make it more comfortable with handheld vacuum cleaner).

If you make the right use of it, you can delight the visitors beyond expectations.

How To Get A Gift For Your Boyfriend’s Mother

Impressing the most important woman in your man’s life should be at the top of your priority list not only during Christmas but throughout the course of your relationship. One of the best ways to do so is knowing how to get a gift for your boyfriend’s mother this Christmas. It’s the time of the year when you get to spend some quality time with each other’s families.

Here are some useful tips on how to wow her mom by giving her the best gift she deserves this Christmas:

Play it safe

Don’t know what to get your boyfriend’s mom for Christmas? You can play it safe by giving her a present that moms like her will surely love. For instance, you can get her a nice silk scarf she can wear around her neck or a bottle of her favorite perfume. Though this is the easiest way to choose a gift for her, she’ll be disappointed you never exerted enough effort.

Seek your man’s help

It’s tricky finding an appropriate gift for someone you barely know. How could you possibly find gifts if you have zero idea on the kind of person you’re getting the gift for? This is where your boyfriend can help a lot. Ask him to join you in your search for the best present for his mom. He can provide suggestions and in the end it is always your decision on the gift you want to give her.

A little research can do a lot

Aside from asking your man for help you can also ask their members of the family or her friends on the kind of presents she wants to receive this year. This technique shows not only your desire to give her something special but also your resourcefulness and initiative. These qualities are enough to impress her than any gift out there.

Knowing what to get her makes shopping easier too. Here are tips on how to help you save time and effort on your Christmas shopping for your boyfriend’s mother.

Go online

Did you know that shopping is now made easier with online stores? There are many company websites that sell all kinds of items, some of which are imported and hard to find. It’s faster too and the best part is, they can have your gifts delivered on time and straight to his mom’s hands.

Shop ahead

Don’t wait for the Christmas rush to buy your gifts. If possible buy everything you need days before Christmas. Although sales are abundant near Christmas time, chances are you’ll never find something you like because others already beat you to it.

Don’t go overboard

It’s understandable that you want to buy a special present for your man’s mom but buying something beyond what you can afford is out of the question. Settle on something that will make her happy, not make her go wow over the price tag.

With these tips, you now know how to get a gift for your boyfriend’s mother this Christmas. Bear them in mind on your shopping quest this Christmas.

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